Special Project Needs

Outdoor Range 'Office'

The Club Board of Directors has approved the expenditure of up to $2500 for materials to construct a shed using all volunteer labor.
This will be an 8' X 12' standard garden type shed to serve as our "sign in" station during Public Days so that we can keep the log books, cash box, and other items sheltered from wind and rain.

It will be the home for all of the public day items, and can be used as shelter for new member orientations during bad weather.
It will be on the east side of the road across from the pistol range, and allows observation of both the pistol and rifle range.
Based on prevailing winds, it will be upwind of the latrine and a much better location to sit and have lunch.
A number of new members coming through orientations have said they were handy, as are a lot of older members, so if you need an excuse to get out of the house for a while, please contact me.

We need to start with prepping the building site and will probably put concrete pillars to give us a stable platform.
That means dirt work and an auger to set the forms.
The building will be 8' X 12' with a 4-12 shingled roof.
Walls and floors on 16" centers, a door, one large window and a couple smaller ones for ventilation.
Much of the material can be prepped off site where we have electricity, and hauled to the site for assembly.

If you can help with this project, please contact me.
I have no schedule yet, but in my opinion the sooner the better.
Let's "get-er-done" before the snow flies.

Dave Jiles


Last update August 17, 2021

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