Our Facilities

The outdoor range, is located in Noel's Draw on U.S. Highway 34, about 6 miles South of the Olympus Dam. Click here for a Map. It offers Pistol, Rifle, and Archery ranges. The range is open to Members & Paying Guests only. Safety Protocols & Range Officer duties are self-managed by shooters while they use the range. The exact instructions for using the outdoor range are here.

The indoor range, is located at the corner of U.S. Highway 36 & Community Drive, next to the Estes Park Dog Park. Click here for a Map. It has six shooting lanes that are 50 feet long. Shooting is allowed for Archery, Centerfire Pistol, & Rimfire Pistol or Rifle. A daily fee is charged for indoor range use.

The hours for the Indoor Range and are listed below:

  • Archery - Tuesdays
    7:00 PM -8:00 PM
  • Shooting - Wednesdays
    7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Shooting - Thursdays
    6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Please come join us! Note that on Wednesday nights there are usually more open stations.

CCW Reciprocity

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation maintains a list of states which recognize a Colorado CCW permit at https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cbi/chpreciprocity

Right-to-Carry In National Parks

Friday, February 26, 2010 – from the NRA

On February 22, a new law took effect that applied state firearms laws to national parks and wildlife refuges across America.

The implementation of the new law, which the National Park Service (NPS) has planned for since passage of H.R. 627 last May, has so far been without major problems. NPS management reports that it has worked with the 493 individual parks, promoting a consistent message on several key points:

This last point—and especially the definition of "federal facility"—may be the one most likely to cause confusion for visitors. The National Park Service has indicated that, according to its apparently broad interpretation of the law, the law prohibits firearms not only in buildings (such as visitor centers, ranger stations, and administrative offices) but also in other areas that are regularly staffed by federal employees (such as developed caves and gated outdoor performance areas). However, NPS officials stress that all prohibited locations will be marked with signs.

The ban on carry in "federal facilities" does not apply to buildings that are located in parks, but not staffed by the federal government—such as many restaurants, lodges and gift shops. However, private operators of those places are free to make their own rules subject to state law.

Needless to say, anti-gun activists and the media have red-lined their hysteria meters, with one newspaper claiming that "there assuredly will be more gun violence" in parks, and another suggesting that park visitors "might want to toss a Kevlar vest into the SUV." The Brady Campaign is still looking for ways to use the courts to reverse the new law.

Needless to say, media fears are unlikely to be realized and NRA-ILA will fight any effort to reverse this hard-won victory.
As always, be sure to watch this alert and www.nraila.org for any new developments.

Club Information

The Estes Park Gun & Archery Club is a National Rifle Association (NRA) affiliate member.

NRA Membership is encouraged but is not required of members.