The Estes Park Gun & Archery Club is open to the public and serves the greater Estes valley and nearby cities.
Memberships, currently $75, are sold on an annual basis.
As of May 14th, there are 276 paid members in 2018 with a 600 member cap.
When US 34 opens in May, the club may reach the membership cap this year.
See the above link for more information on becoming a member.

Our Facilities

The Outdoor Range, is located in Noel's Draw off of U.S. Highway 34, about 3.5 miles East of the Olympus Dam, on the right just past mile marker 68. The range is open to Members and their guests only or on a scheduled Public Event.

Access is through a combination locked gate. The range offers pistol, rifle and archery venues. Safety protocol and range officer duties are self-managed by members while they use the range. Click here for a Map. Outdoor range rules/instructions are here.

The Indoor Range, is located at the corner of U.S. Highway 36 & Community Drive, next to the Estes Park Dog Park. Click here for a Map. The range has seven, 50 foot shooting lanes.

Shooting is allowed for Archery, Centerfire Pistol, & Rimfire Pistol or Rifle. The Indoor Range is open to Club Members and the public. A daily fee is charged for indoor range use.

The hours for the Indoor Range are listed below:

  • Archery - Tuesday Evenings
    7:00 PM -8:00 PM
  • Shooting - Wednesday Evenings
    7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Shooting - Thursday Evenings
    6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Shooting - Friday Evenings 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Shooting - Sunday Afternoons 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Shooting - First Tuesday of the Month - Defensive Pistol Skills Review 5:15 pm - 6:45 pm

Please come join us!

Note: Usually there are more open stations Wednesday evenings.

CCW Reciprocity

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation maintains a list of states whose CCW permits are recognized by Colorado.

To see which states recognize your Colorado CCW permit, see USA Carry Maps.

Good News Update

Club members will be able to access Common Point Outdoor Range
without residents permits.

From CDOT - On Monday, Jan. 22, the closure limit on the Estes Park end of the canyon will move
further west to mile point 68, or just before Noel's Draw Lane.
Noel's Draw Lane is not included in the closure area.

The fine print: Permits ARE required for all travel on US 34 to/from Loveland.

After October 2nd, members outside of Estes Park need to use US 36 to Mall Road
and down 3.5 miles on US 34 to the Outdoor Range. Glen Haven and Drake members will
travel on Larimer County road 43 to Estes Park, then down US 34.

Trap Range photo

This is the Noels Draw Road gate. It provides controlled access to
the Common Point Range. The gate is open on Public Shooting Days.

Indoor range shooting lanes.

More News

August 15, 2017Gun Club Patches now Available

These sew-on patches are 2.5" x 1.75" and 3.5" x 2.5".
Available at Public Shoot days
or with payment enclosed, number of each desired to:

Estes Park Gun and Archery Club
P.O. Box 982
Estes Park, CO 80517-0982.

August 14, 2017Please pick up your brass. When finished shooting, please collect your brass
and deposit in buckets provided. Each year, the club recycles brass which nets over $400 that helps you and your club.

August 1, 2017Trap Shooting Info click here.

Fire restrictions are still in place for certain mountain areas in the state, being extra cautious when outdoors is prudent.
See Colorado Department of Public Safety for the latest fire safety information.

Latest Newsletter

May 14, 20182018 May Newsletter click here.

Range Usage statistics

January 8, 2017 – To see a chart of Indoor Range usage for 2016, click here.

January 5, 2018 – To see a chart of Indoor Range usage for 2017, click here.

January 5, 2018 – To see a chart of Outdoor Range usage for 2017, click here.

Defensive Handgun Skills Review

The indoor range is reserved on the first Tuesday night of each month from 5:15 PM to 6:45 PM
for a Defensive Handgun Skills Review.

This is not an "open range" or a class per se, rather it is an instructor-lead skills review and practice
for those who have had intermediate or advanced pistol training and bring the required equipment.
For more information contact Jim Boyd at 970-481-4279 or Jim Boyd email.

2018 Annual Meeting Election Results

January 18, 2018

President, Steve Clark
1st Vice President, Jim Carlton
2nd Vice President, Harry Banbury
Interim Secretary, Martha Clark
Treasurer, Douglas Tabor
Board Members:
   Randy Buchanan
   James Cozzie
   Daniel White
   Rick Tekulve

Right To Carry In National Parks

On February 22, 2010, a new law took effect that applied state firearms laws to national parks and wildlife refuges across America. Click here for more information

Latest website update: May 23, 2018

Club Information

The Estes Park Gun & Archery Club are members of

National Rifle Association, Affiliate Member.
NRA Membership
is encouraged for members but not required.

National Shooting Sports Foundation, Member

Colorado State Shooting Association, Member